Mission: “The ability for clubs to sell quality designed custom products and raise vital funds for themselves at the same time”

Q: How much are the set up costs for my club ?
A: Zero. Currently we are setting up Club Shops at no cost to the club. Future set up costs may apply as lots of time and effort actually goes into getting the products from design to being available to purchase online.

Q: How does my club get involved ?
A: To start the process simply go to the “Join the Club” page on the website so we can get some initial information about your club requirements.

Q: What’s the next step ?
A: Once we have your club details we will design a product for approval, usually a Mug.

Q: Can we get some samples of the products?
A: No, currently all products are made to order. We recommend that clubs buy some items as soon as they are available so they can see how great they are and then promote to their fans. Discount codes are available, see below.

Q: Are the online purchases secure ?
A: Yes. The prosportsgfx.com website has a SSL certificate and all online purchases are secured by our payment provider Stripe.

Q: Can I add more products to my shop ?
A: Yes. There are no limits to the variety of products and designs that can be listed in your shop. We are adding more and more product options all the time and plan to add items gradually to club shops. This will give the club some nice content to post over their social platforms to encourage more sales.

Q: Can I design my own products?

A: Yes, the more products listed in the shop the better. We can also design custom items, like Special Edition, Home & Away range and so on. The idea is to build a wide range or items over the long term and add speciality items as often as possible.

Q: How much will my club make from the sales ?
A: We have currently set profit margins at £3 per item, per sale for the club. We want to find a balance between providing value for money items at the same time making it worthwhile for clubs to get involved.

Q: Who sets the delivery charges ?
A: Delivery charges are set by our partner suppliers. We have partnered up with various different suppliers around the UK, and Europe so not all items will be made or dispatched from the same location. As not all products are made in the same location delivery is charged per item, combined postage is applicable for the same items.

Q: If I order multiple items will they all be delivered at the same time?

A: No, As we have partnered with numerous companies throughout the UK and Europe not all items will arrive at the same time. For example, Mugs, Key rings and T-Shirts are produced by three different suppliers, so if you make one order containing these items do not expect all the items to arrive on the same day.

Q: Can I change my mind after I have ordered an item.

A: Once an order is placed an email will be sent informing you that the order is “processing”, Only during the “processing” time an order can be cancelled or changed. Once you receive the email marking the order as “complete” the order is in production and therefore  cannot be changed or cancelled.

Q: Once I receive my item can I return it if I do not want it anymore or it doesn’t fit?

A: No, as all items are custom made to order they cannot be returned. Please take extra caution when ordering clothes especially for children as we cannot accept any returns. If items arrive damaged or faulty then we will raise this with our production partners and relay their response and conclusion. We have to accept the outcome from our production partners even if we may not agree with the outcome. If we have continued issues with any production partners we will review our relationship with them and consider using alternate partners for the products they are supplying.

Q: When and how will my club be paid ?

A: Profits are available to be settled once a club reaches 15 sales and then every 15 sales after. Monies will be transferred to the account chosen by the club. Clubs can choose to use their profits to purchase further items at wholesale prices if they prefer. Clubs also can choose to save up the profits and have one bigger pay out at a later stage no problem.

Q: How will the club know if sales have been made ?
A: Current sales totals can be found on the product pages. We can also send a running sales total to clubs at anytime on request.

Q: What happens if my club never reached 15 sales?

A: In the unlikely event that a club does not reach 15 sales the profits from any sales made will be put towards the running costs of the website, design fees and admin. (It currently takes several hours of admin and design to set a club up with a shop.)

Q: Are there wholesale/bulk buy options for my club ?
A: Yes, clubs can contact us directly and we can provide a wholesale discount code which will deduct £3 per item at checkout. (Clubs will not earn any profits from purchases made at wholesale prices.) Please contact us direct for more info on bulk buy options.

Q: Can we use your designs for our own use?

A: No, not without prior permission. All designs are owned and copyrighted by Pro Sports GFX. They cannot be copied of used without permission from us. If any designs are used without permission from us a request for the designs to be removed will be made. If the designs are not removed legal action will be taken.

Q: Can I remove my shop if the club decides they do not want to participate in this venture anymore ?
A: Yes, removing a club shop from the website is simple and will be done straight away upon request from an official club representative.

All information contained within this fact sheet is correct at the time of publishing.
We reserve the right to amend policies at anytime without prior warning.

Please remember we providing  a free gateway for clubs to earn extra cash and do not believe we should incur or absorb charges for mistakes or wrong orders that are made. We do not have or hold any items in stock, everything is custom made to order from our various production partners. It is inevitable that some items will arrive damaged or get lost in the post and we will do our very best to resolve any issues with our production partners when this may occur, but please remember we have to adhere to the individual company policies in these cases which may vary from company to company.

If you would like to get involved then please click here to “Join the Club”

Any club participating in this joint venture automatically agrees to our terms and conditions.